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Do we chose an OS first or apps first? More on Windows 10 including how Microsoft spies on Windows 10 victims, er, users, to personalize the system. Windows 10 RTM is done. The new Apple laptop computer. Retrieved 3 November Some form of incognito mode is built into virtually all modern web browsers, both on desktop and on mobile platforms.

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Your Browser's Incognito Mode Isn't Saving You Any Money on Airfare

Marty Winston on Home Automation. Halloween and the 40 Year Maintenance Free House. Home Automation by Marty Winston. Chinese state media has reported bloated batteries in iPhone 8s. Home Internet prices may double. Wearable for early skin cancer detection. Does anyone do soldering? Security firm finds some Macs vulnerable to firmware attacks. Internet-wide security update put on hold.

Equifax couldn't find or patch vulnerable Struts implementations. A mini version of the Commodore Yahoo said every single account was affected by attack. Autonomous wheelchair home automation with Marty Winston: New developments with LED light bulbs. The advantages of 5G networks. Equifax CEO steps down. How badly did Equifax screw up? Terms and Conditions banning bad reviews are not legal.

Russia targeted election systems in 21 states, successfully hacking some. Drop test confirms Apple lied about the glass back on the iPhone 8. Goggles help low vision users see; Get glucose level readings on your FitBit smartwatch; A new cheap low-power way to send data from sensors over long distances.

CCleaner victim of hack attack. What is it, Home automation for the DIYer, Home automation should meet a need, not to look for a need and How to approach a home automation project. Enhance Apple ear pods as listening aids, Vibrate pillow to get to sleep and a forecast of wearable tech industry. Best Buy pulling Kaspersky software from shelves. Why the US government should not ban Kaspersky security software. US government claims it can jail you indefinitely for not decrypting your data.

Wearable and Health Technology with Dr. Using Solar Panels Off the Grid. FTC to give back tech support scamming money to the bilked. On Air Guest - Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, one of the leading international experts on electronic voting. How accurate will the vote count be? Different voting machines have varying degrees of integrity.

Federal and local jurisdiction on voter qualification. Open vs proprietary software. FBI reportedly advising companies to ditch Kaspersky software. Fixing Windows 10 Audio Static. Express Updates for Windows Hank Kee on Do you still need a tablet? Home Automation with Marty Winston.

Being at the Center of the Solar Total Eclipse. Hank thinks Consumer Reports knock on Microsoft Surface laptops is not fair. Airplanes track the eclipse.

Android Malware secretly records audio and pictures. A no-drug alternative to opioid pain killers. Smartphones reveal insights into population obesity.

Gold can be used for ultra-thin, flexible, breathable sensors and conductors. From the Tech Corner by Hank Kee. Domain Website Renewal Alert. Marty Winston on home automation and Ethernet surge protection. Apple stops making the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Windows Subsystem for Linux to ship with Windows A history of using tapes for backup. Dr Alfred Poor on Health Technology: Also, a free database of wearable tech devices. Hank Kee on the Digital Camera Evolution. A new financing option for a Microsoft Surface PC. TSA will screen electronics larger than a cell phone.

Solar Eclipse on August 21st. David Perry with an interview from Blackhat. Alfred Poor on Wearable and Health Technology - specifically, heart failure monitoring. Hank on Microsoft Software Withdrawal and Deprecation. Translating American sign language. Network Controller with Raspberry Pi. Hank on Back to School Electronics.

What's todays top Programming Language? Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

O'Reilly exits direct book sales. Health Technology by Dr Alfred Poor. Verizon data from 6 million users leaked online. Consumer alert on FIOS batteries. FAA offers drone registration refunds. Photobucket breaks billions of photos online, upsets millions of users. Consumer electronics company Jawbone goes out of business. Acronis is the gold standard product that includes all the whistles and bells that may be needed to do backup of your data, programs and operating system files.

All this can take place in automatic and silent mode. It is a fully license copy of their top of the line version software. It supports up to five computing systems Mac and Windows and an unlimited number of cell phones.

Convergence of Technology with Health Issues. A discussion with Alfred Poor and Dan Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum is a wearable technology expert, an award-winning writer, and year technology journalist. He writes Wearable Tech Insider , a website that tracks new products, corporate news, and technology developments in the world of wearable technology.

He comments about wearable technology products features and usability, corporate and product news, technology developments, and market analysis. Health Tech Insider is written by Alfred Poor, PhD, who has been fascinated by science and technology from an early age. With a Biology degree from Harvard, he went on to spend 30 years writing about a wide range of technology topics, including more than 22 years writing for PC Magazine and other major computing titles. Author or co-author of more than a dozen books, Alfred can heard here in his weekly segment on Wearable and Health Technologies.

A ruling against Google in Canada could affect free speech around the world. Germany cracking down on hate speech in social media. US Copyright Office suggests "right to repair" laws a good idea. Microsoft manages to cram artificial intelligence on the Raspberry Pi 3 PC board. Sony to make vinyl records again. Tele-medicine may save visits to hospital and doctor, Remote monitoring for overnight hospital stays, use of AI for early warning on suicides.

Hank on slow net connections. Google stops scanning Gmail to place ads. Google to remove private medical data from search results. David Perry on cyber security. Energy Star Power Supplies. An e-cigarette can infect a Windows computer with a virus. Amazon to buy Whole Foods. Amazon patents way to stop you checking online rival prices in-store. Wearable and Health Technology by Dr. How technology helps the blind to navigate.

Pacemakers using new technology. Seniors 65 and over at high risk of falling. Hank Kee on product reviews in general. Electric Grid Crash Override Malware. Chrome OS the operating system on Chromebooks is starting to use printers without the cloud. Intel puts Microsoft and Qualcomm on notice regarding X86 emulation.

Amazon drops its unlimited cloud storage plan. Apple opens up to third party screen repairs. You can replace RAM and processors in new iMacs, but there's a catch. When is a digital camera not a digital camera? He had a great experience at www. Chinese malware known as Fireball is on million computers. Ringless voicemail and telemarketing. Apple Needs to Reinvent Itself. Tesla, not Apple, will have the next tech moonshot; Recap of Apple announcements.

Health Technology with Dr. Hank on renewing a domain with GoDaddy - it did not go well. Backup is Not Infinite.

An Amazon OneClick transaction tip. Android malware 'Judy' hits as many as 36 million phones. Supreme Court ruling gives green light for hardware modders. Intel's upcoming low cost chip looks great. Alfred Poor on Health technology. Almost all WannaCry victims were running Windows 7.

The free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music business. Samsung and Google teamed up to make two new Chromebooks that run Android apps. What to do with lithium batteries that cannot be recycled and are not biodegradable?

Simple Computer Tips for Busy People. Intel security flaw in their AMT hardware affects only business computers. A second look at Chromebooks. Simple Computer Tip for Busy People. Shopping for a Computer System. Lightning strikes on a house.

Joe on his Android Pixel phone. Speed of USB flash drives and memory cards. How does one efficiently send a large number of files? File Hippo is a trustworthy source for Windows software. An update on Chromebooks which now dominate the education market. An interview with Gaidar Magdanurov of Acronis. Not sure yet about May 17th, 24th and 31st. Regardless, the show will air on PRN. A review of Acronis backup software. Internet and computing pioneer Robert Taylor dies.

Support for the original version of Windows 10 ends May 9. August 21, Solar Eclipse in the United States. One in Five Mobile Phones are counterfeit.

HP rises again as top PC maker. Alfred Poor on Wearable Technology for seriously ill children. Hank talks about computers in the late s.

A free decryption tool for Bart ransomware. Twitter stops counting usernames in replies toward the character limit. Spike in pedestrian deaths linked to distracted phone users.

Chase had ads on , sites, then on just 5, - same results. Amazon will collect state sales taxes nationwide April 1st. Google Docs works offline with the Chrome browser.

Coming soon to Firefox. Hank likes Kingsoft Office, its free. In New York, bringing broadband to everyone by Stop Robocalls at home and now on your iPhone.

LastPass fixes serious password leak flaw. Home Automation - Marty Winston. Microsoft dictates that new PCs must run Windows They are dong this by blocking bug fixes on Windows 7 and 8 on the latest processors. No more Windows Vista bug fixes as of April Alfred Poor on Wearable Tech.

Home Automation from Marty Winston. US regulator looks at IoT regulation. IoT security and privacy. Joe tells about sending equipment out for repair. Home automation and Power Tools. Alfred Poor of HealthTechInsider. Simple Computer Tips for busy people. Installing and running Windows 10 from a USB flash drive. Simple mistake brought down Amazon. Popular Photography and PopPhoto. Google Photos automatically fixes white balance. The Photography industry in Russia-backed malware targets Macs.

Google Fiber is taking a new direction. Joe Rejeski has a computer tip. Yet again, Yahoo was hacked. Cellphone plans with unlimited data compared. H-1B visa cap is set at 85, Alfred Poor on Wearable Tech - a new type of transistor and ingestible tech. Ross Greenberg passed away. Makerbot is a 3D Printer Manufacturer. Best Buy is closing out of Oculus Rift demo stations. Have you deleted your Yahoo account yet? A Skype software update. Microsoft to Retire Windows Vista April 11th.

Unlimited cellphone data plans. Matte black iPhone 7 losing paint. H1-B visa holders account for up to 13 percent of tech jobs. IBM forcing remote workers to return to office to work. Wearable Tech segment by Alfred Poor. A simple computer tip from Joe Rejeski. A Home automation segment by Marty Winston.

Microsoft to retire original Windows Samsung Galaxy 7 Post Mortem. PC sales dropped 5. Different IoT communication standards. Marty Winston reports from the International Builders Show. Verizon Unlimited Data is no longer unlimited. Amazon to hire additional , workers. Artificial intelligence keeps IBM atop patent list. Consumer Reports now recommends MacBook Pros. You never fail to outgrow your stuff by Marty Winston.

Norway starts switching off FM radio. The Computing Platform of tomorrow. Five great cities for STEM people to live in. Hank on Cybersecurity Misdirection. Marty Winston reviewed Preventive Maintenance. FDA Guidelines for Pacemaker. Free WiFi Subway Stations. Amazon Alexa in Murder Case. Microsoft Qualcomm Windows 10 32 bit OS. Where are the tech jobs? Joe interviews a constitutional lawyer from the EFF. Caveat Emptor - Alibaba back on counterfeit blacklist.

Chromebook on a PC. Trends and consumer products that made it through The Personal Computer Show is changing to a magazine format.

No more phone calls, instead email questions to pcradio at gmail. Or, to pcradio on Twitter. Successes in wearable technology by Alfred Poor of Healthtechinsider. Dark Territory author Fred Kaplan on Cyberwar facts and myths.

How not to be a computer equipment hoarder. The show was also the same this week on both stations. SSDs are expected to go up in price. Where are we today with wearable technology?

Intel is stepping back from it. Marty Winston on privacy of wearables and social media. Alfred Poor on wearable tech usability.

Where are we with Google Chromebooks? How to create Windows Recovery Media. American Tech refuses to hand over source code and blueprints to China.

What you need to know about cord cutting. Android Gooligan Malware Alert. Nike Self Lacing Sneakers. Analog to Digital World. Tips for buying a Bluetooth speaker. What is High Fidelity? Reliability of mechanical and solid state drives. The Pew 'gig economy' study is grim. Chromebook or Windows Notebook.

Flash Memory Card and Flash Drive lack of capacity and speed standards. Low end systems with soldered on memory. Not all Black Friday Specials are Bargains. Retailers get good news ahead of Black Friday weekend. Crowdfunding is Pan Handling. Listen live at PRN. After the fact, PRN archives of the show are available from Podbean , right here, or you can use a podcast app with this this RSS feed. Hamilton and Grace Hopper. The pros and cons of H-1B immigration visas. Computer Models and Forecasts are not absolutes.

Did fake news on Facebook affect election? Facebook pulls ad tool that excluded ethnic groups. Microsoft won't offer free Office apps for Chromebooks with a screen over 10 inches. Nearly 90 percent of smartphones worldwide run Android. Buying flash storage or replacement battery power. Not All Solid-State Storage is equal.

Windows Tips and Tricks. Notebook and camera battery replacement. A low cost notebook may not be a bargain. The Web of Trust browser extension was yanked after proving untrustworthy. Microsoft has stopped selling Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8. Amazon certifies third-party refurbishers.

How good and new is good as new? Privacy groups target kids advertising disguised as YouTube content. The WOT browser extension has been withdrawn because it was leaking some personal data. Microsoft has stopped selling windows 7 and windows 8. We still have the Windows 10 DVDs that were our membership premium available. Amazon now certifies third-party refurbishers. Rebecca Mercuri , one of the world's leading experts on electronic voting and ballot tabulation.

Remembering PCMag's Bill Machrone, the Apple MacBook Pro, Twitter will shut down its 6-second video service Vine, Twitter is planning to cut as much as 8 percent of its staff, Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race, Millennials are more likely to fall for tech support scams than baby boomers, Georgia voting machine suspected of 'flipping' presidential votes, iPhone 7s with Intel modems struggle badly in low-signal areas.

She's also a digital forensics investigator. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issue. Ecuador cut WikiLeaks founder's internet access. HP will cut up to 4, jobs over next 3 years. Verizon Pixel phones will get Android bug fixes when they are released. Verizon to close call centers in five states. Verizon ponders walking away from Yahoo. Yahoo applies for patent on mass surveillance system. Two in five people say they'll never buy from Samsung again.

In Silicon Valley, 40 is the new 80, and ageism is rampant. Supreme court hears Apple-Samsung feud over iPhone designs. Reseller stiffed thousands with suddenly lower quotes. Yahoo Making It Harder for Users to move on. Google class-action lawsuit of discriminating against older employees. Google for Work has a new name: Consumer Review Fairness Act of Fujitsu considers selling its PC business to Lenovo.

New Ethernet standards using cables you already own. Samsung stops making Galaxy Note 7 phones. Patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. Yahoo has disabled automatic email forwarding. Best Buy was fined for selling products that had been recalled. An NSA contractor has been arrested. Marty Winston on speech recognition. Fujitsu may sell its PC business to Lenovo. A survey of what consumers are planning on buying for the holidays. WBAI is in desperate shape - not crying wolf.

Transferring email from Yahoo to Gmail. Windows 10 can uncompress compressed and ISO files all by itself. Yahoo scanned all emails from their customers at the behest of the US government.

This also opened up a security vulnerability. Hank does not trust Yahoo. Still more companies were hacked, exposing user passwords. Security analyst says Yahoo!

HP backtracks on third-party ink cartridges. Termination fees for terminated people now against the law. Ludicrous Patent of the Week: Rectangles on a computer screen. Dell is advertising a laptop computer as weightless. Cost of solid state hard drives vs. Microsoft is re-introducing a OneDrive sync feature. Upgrading from Vista to Windows Facebook apologized to advertisers. Millennials listen to country music on the radio.

Transferring emails to Gmail. Google's upcoming Andromeda operating system. Yahoo was hacked, Michael suggests lying on security questions. Using the lowest end laptop running Windows Opera version 40 has a built-in VPN. After the fact, PRN archives of the show are available from Podbean , right here, or you can use a podcast app. Gmail outage for business users for 2 days. Still more security flaws found in many Internet of Things devices.

Marty Winston on Internet of Things. Phone calls return to WBAI. HP printers now only take HP cartridges. Thats the cost of cheap printers. More on building your own computer. Cutting the cord on telephone service. LinkNYC ends web browsing at kiosks due to pornography. Gmail outage for business users. Or, after the fact, listen via a podcast app. PRN archives of the show are also available from Podbean.

Listen over the phone by calling Or a podcast app. Our second show in our new timeslot, an hour later than usual. Hank is no fan of the improved cameras on new iPhones. Upgrading to Windows WBAI may get telephones.

Marty Winston on texting while driving. TuneIn, iTunes and other podcast apps. We take live phone calls, not like WBAI. Call us at Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery recall, Upgrading to Windows Ageism in the workplace. Bureau of Labor Statistics Workforce Report, anatomy of a computer, Why do lithium batteries explode?

Marty Winston on climate. Joe on the web's birthday. The last show will air on Aug. Tekserve is auctioning off everything. New Windows Update for Windows 7 and 8.

Marty Winston on Doorbells Batteries. This show starts our 34th year. You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free from a full distribution, offline if you start from version It fails with version Anniversary update.

We are offering Windows 10 on DVDs as a premium. The new file backup system in Windows Changes in Microsoft OneDrive. Falling back to Windows 7 or 8 after upgrading to Windows Why you need a full copy of Windows Windows 10 File History and System Image backups.

No listener phone calls because there are no phone lines at WBAI. Windows 10 free upgrade ends at the end of the month. Hank comments on upgrading to Windows 10, falling back and then upgrading again later. He suggests doing an image save after the upgrade and using a Restore Point to restore the older version of Windows in the first 30 days.

Joe had an adventure with a Windows PC that would not boot up after a power outage. A beta of MacOS is now available for free. Smart watches can leak PINs. July 29th is last day for free upgrades to Windows The service center will remain open until July 31st, the retail store closes August 15th. Industrial 3D printers from HP are 10x faster than consumer models. HP opens a new office in Canada. The future of Seagate and Western Digital. An Android smartphone bug is triggered by voice commands.

The Fisa court turns down nothing. What to look for in a remote backup storage service. Changes to the Windows 10 free upgrade rules. Changes in next version of Windows Judge rules FBI can hack any time, any, place, anywhere. The show will be pre-empted during each political party convention. No listener phone calls due to there being no phone lines in the studio. Macrium Reflect Free is a disk imaging program that saves hidden partitions. Get it at macrium. Charter halts Time Warner Cable Maxx speed upgrades.

Going back to Windows 7 or 8 after an unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade. Making pulled or used hard disk drives usable. David Perry on keyboards. Macrium Reflect disk imaging program comes in Free and Pro editions. An Android Marshmallow User Guide.

The free upgrade to Windows 10 ends July 28th, with an exception for people with a visual impairment. The Lenovo Accelerator utility, pre-installed on their consumer PCs, is buggy and should be un-installed.

A good-guy hacker found a vulnerability on an election site, reported it and was arrested. A Beuler flashlight can record video and still pictures. The premiums offered are here. The tricky way that Microsoft scams people into upgrading to Windows Some Android smartphones have an FM radio. Microsoft released a new clump of bug fixes for Windows 7 called a convenience pack but you must use Internet Explorer to get it.

Joe gripes about Android phones not getting bug fixes. Android apps are coming to Chromebooks. How to erase all the data on an old computer before donating it.

Master Seeker for searching through your files on Windows. Classic Shell is a great add-on for Windows 10 and 8. It restores sanity to the Start menu. Kaplan is the national security columnist for Slate and the author of four other books.

Dark Territory details United States strategic directions and actions in cyber warfare. It is eye opening. No listener phone calls. Because the show was two hours, the audio is 44Kbps rather than the normal 64Kbps in an effort to keep the file size small.

Its about 41MB, our regular shows are about 28MB. What is a VPN? The Opera browser will soon have a free, unlimited browser VPN. Congress and email snooping. Charter buying Time Warner Cable. Replacing the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Getting rid of old Windows XP machines includes installing Linux. Michael suggested a lightweight version of Ubuntu called LUbuntu.

Chrome browser extensions will soon have to disclose more privacy information. New Pentium and Celeron chips from Intel. Uber had to turn over data to local governments. New Vivaldi web browser. Drones and 3D printing by Marty Winston. The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro. John Wink from Microsoft will help with Windows update issues on Windows The iPhone SE has limited and non-expandable storage. Apple regarding access to a locked iPhone. Amazon is cracking down on junky USB type C cables.

An FAA committee proposes official categories for drones that fly near crowds. Buying a new but discontinued or refurbished device. Bugs with iOS v9. Netflix was caught throttling video for Verizon and ATT customers. Petya ransomware locks down entire PCs, not just data files. A British backup company, Knowhow Cloud Backup claimed that they kept 30 days worth of backups.

They did not, they only kept one copy of each file. Hank reminisced about advising him. New stuff announced by Apple. The FBI backed off on their court case against Apple because they may have another way to hack into the iPhone in question. SD card classes are transfer rates. See some competing programs. Who writes our laws? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked the court to throw out unconstitutional Apple order.

Shahid leads EFF's grassroots and student outreach efforts. He's a constitutional lawyer focused on the intersection of community organizing and policy reform as a lever to shift legal norms, with roots in communities across the country resisting mass surveillance. Ray Tomlinson also passed away, he is credited with inventing email in the s.

The first ransomware that attacks Apple Mac computers was released. Apple is giving the Chinese government access to its devices for what is termed "security checks". How long before an SSD without power starts losing data? There is a new Raspberry Pi. Apple on unlocking an iPhone. Hank thinks its all mis-direction. The court order from the government is available here as a PDF.

Google will discontinue Picasa. Microsoft Mesh was discontinued a while back. How much ram do you need? Why might email disappear? Edward Yourdon passed away. Apple recalled some 2 prong electrical plugs. Error 53 bricks iPhones. Hidden OS partitions on the hard drive. Amazon may open real bookstores. Moore's law is finally coming to an end.

We offer a program that shows how fast a fan is spinning in the premium. Also there are two file recovery programs for Windows. Microsoft Surface tablets failed during a football game. New PCs will only run Windows Disney is being sued over H1-B Visa violations. Michael suggests turning off Wi-Fi on smartphones and tablets when not in use.

Also, he suggests changing your router password. For more, see RouterSecurity. No more free iTunes radio. How two cameras co-operate to make a good photo. Don't forget passwords or serial numbers. Reminiscing about film and a new Super8 camera from Kodak. Alfred Poor on wearable tech from CES. The New York Public Library is opening up new material at publicdomain. Remarks by General Michael Hayden. Upgrading Home to Pro.

Davids Pi cable kit. Hank suggested using Recuva from Piriform to recover deleted files on a network drive. Hank recommends Windows Hidden partitions on new Windows 10 PCs. Test mode in Windows Factory Recovery in Windows Free upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro with: British battery chargers from EE are being recalled. Hacking Linux, Macs, Chromebooks with the backspace key. More on upgrading to Windows 10 this time starting with an ISO image.

It took Hank over 3 hours to upgrade to latest build of Windows ISO upgrades require the serial number of older version of Windows.

It should be on a sticker. Hank says Windows 10 ready for prime time. Internet Explorer will be discontinued in Jan Bugs in antivirus software.

EFF not happy with Chromebooks. In , Incognito redshirted at the University of Nebraska. He played in all 14 games, starting 13 at left tackle and posted the second-highest season pancake total in Husker history with At the same time, though, Incognito began displaying the behavioral problems that would follow him throughout his career.

During a practice early in the season, he hit walk-on lineman Jack Limbaugh from behind, prompting Limbaugh to stomp off the field in disgust. Two weeks later, he was ejected for picking a fight in a blowout loss to Penn State. In the spring of , Incognito was involved in a fight during practice and was suspended indefinitely by head coach Frank Solich.

By this time, Solich and his staff were concerned enough about Incognito's behavior to send him to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas for anger management treatment. He was rewarded with a first-team All- Big 12 selection by the Associated Press.

In February , Incognito was involved in a fight at a party and was charged with three counts of assault. Incognito was shifted to center during the preseason camp. He entered the season with high expectations, listed on a number of preseason lists as a top center and named to the watch list for the Rimington Trophy going to the best center in college football. The final straw for new coach Bill Callahan came when Incognito was once again involved in a fight in the locker room.

Within a few weeks, Incognito withdrew from all classes at Nebraska and left Lincoln. In late September, he transferred to the University of Oregon , only to be dismissed from the team a week later. Head coach Mike Bellotti said Incognito failed to meet the conditions he had agreed to meet before his arrival in Eugene.

Bellotti didn't elaborate, but Incognito had been required to complete an anger-management course and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

At the NFL Combine , Incognito impressed scouts by being "the strongest and most explosive player in attendance". However, during a drill, Incognito stumbled and was carted off the field with a knee injury.

Pioli had long been known for drafting players with checkered pasts. Incognito was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the third round of the draft 81st overall. Incognito started all 16 games at three different positions, due to injuries and illness to the Rams' offensive line. That year, he blocked for an offense which produced a 4,yard passer, a 1,yard rusher, and two 1,yard receivers, one of only four offenses in NFL history to accomplish the feat.

Incognito played and started at the right guard position for four games after being inactive for the first four weeks of the season. In early November, Incognito suffered a knee injury that forced him to miss the remainder of season. Incognito started 15 games at right guard for the Rams, also seeing some playing time at center.

The last penalty was not called during the game, but was detected on a video review. Incognito's behavior nearly led to a loss after he was called for a yard personal foul penalty before the eventual game-winning field goal. Incognito was part of an offensive line that allowed 45 sacks.

Although this was still among the league's 10 worst in terms of sacks allowed, it was the fewest allowed by the Rams since Following the season, Incognito became a restricted free agent , although he continued to work out with the Rams during the off-season. On December 13, during the first half of a 47—7 loss to the Tennessee Titans , Incognito drew two yard penalties for headbutting Titans players. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo benched him for the second half, and the two got into a heated confrontation on the sidelines.

It was the second time Incognito had been benched for losing his composure; he had been pulled from the season opener against Seattle for two personal fouls.

However, the Titans incident was the last straw; the Rams waived him two days after the game. Incognito was claimed by the Buffalo Bills off waivers on December 16, with the Miami Dolphins also submitting a claim. On March 17, , Incognito signed a one-year deal with the Miami Dolphins. In , the Dolphins signed Incognito to a one-year deal in order to help strengthen their offensive line. Incognito started all 16 games of the season playing left guard and center.

In , the Dolphins re-signed Incognito, this time to a three-year deal. Incognito started 15 games and allowed just 1. Incognito started all 16 games of the season at the left guard position. On November 3, , the Dolphins suspended Incognito for misconduct related to the treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin , who left the team a week earlier. Incognito's conduct was said to be detrimental to the team.

He was ranked the second overall guard and the number one left guard in the NFL by the metrics website Pro Football Focus. Following the season, he was elected to his second Pro Bowl , this time as a replacement.

On December 19, , Incognito was named to his fourth Pro Bowl after starting all 16 games at left guard. Incognito also expressed dissatisfaction with a contract restructuring that would have kept him with the Bills in , noting that he had given the Bills until April 15 to give him an offer worthy of him putting off his retirement for one more season.

He indicated that he refused to play for the Bills and demanded he be released from his contract; the Bills responded that he would have to contact league commissioner Roger Goodell if he wanted to be removed from the retired list. On November 3, Mike Garafolo reported on Fox Sports 1 that Incognito is alleged to have sent Martin threatening and racially charged messages. He also reported that the team and league—rather than the players' association—has been asked to investigate.

According to La Canfora, Incognito's alleged harassment of Martin had gotten to the point that Martin actually feared for his safety, and felt that leaving the team was his only option. Just hours after the Dolphins' game against the Cincinnati Bengals , the Dolphins suspended Incognito indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

The Dolphins also asked the NFL to join their own internal investigation of the matter. Until then, the Dolphins had publicly maintained the charges against Incognito were pure speculation. Schefter said that as late as the afternoon of November 3, the Dolphins didn't even know the voicemail existed. Within hours of hearing the tape, Schefter said, the Dolphins had suspended Incognito. On November 5, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel quoted "multiple sources" as saying that Incognito may have taken orders from Dolphins coaches to "toughen up" Martin too far.

The Sun-Sentinel reported that the controversial voice mail message that ultimately led to Incognito's suspension was made after Martin missed two days of the team's voluntary workout program. The coaches asked Incognito—by this time, reckoned as the leader of the offensive line—to make a call that would "get him into the fold. Under the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, Incognito was initially slated to sit out for a maximum of four weeks.

At the end of that time, the Dolphins would have had to either release him or find some way to keep him off the field, given earlier statements that he would never appear in a Dolphins uniform again. However, the league and the Dolphins agreed to extend the suspension for another two weeks with pay. On December 16, the league and the Dolphins announced that Incognito would remain suspended for the remainder of the season.

On February 3, , the text messages exchanged between Martin and Incognito were leaked. It is thought that "the leak came from Incognito or someone close to him, because the text messages tend to support the notion that Incognito and Martin were friends. Moreover, nothing in the Incognito text messages suggests harassment or bullying of Martin.

The investigation concluded that Incognito, and to a lesser extent fellow offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey , bullied Martin, yet another unnamed Dolphins offensive lineman, and also a Dolphins staff member, an unnamed assistant trainer. The report also concluded that Incognito, Jerry, and Pouncey made severe racial slurs towards the assistant trainer, and Incognito and Jerry even taunted him by saying that they had sex with his girlfriend. On December 7, , the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor , Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey donned traditional Japanese headbands featuring a rising sun emblem which the assistant trainer had given them and jokingly threatened to harm the assistant trainer physically in retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attack.

Did Violinist Joshua Bell play incognito in a Washington subway?

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